Opening a New Pharmacy
Creating a Plan for Success
Our professional team will tailor a plan to help you compete, grow and achieve your goals to become a thriving and profitable business. Some of the resources we can provide are listed below.

• pharmacy start-up check list
• demographic surveys
• business plan templates
• pharmacy guidelines and timelines to attain permits and required numbers
• assistance to acquire third party contracts
• compliance training, posting requirements and compliance information
• disaster plan
• contact list for pharmacy systems, web design firms, store design companies, etc.
• marketing plans and assistance
• technician training guide
• human resource support
– job descriptions for compliance officer, OTC manager, pharmacist
– application and hiring forms
– pharmacy employee manual
– training resources for your staff

Mutual’s number one priority and goal is the future of independent pharmacy.

For more information contact Director of Sales Dan Houston at 919-598-4932 or drop us an email using the contact us page form.