Making A Smooth Transition

Mutual Drug can ensure a smooth changeover of your existing pharmacy business with our professional and dependable team. We will walk you through all the necessary steps to make this transition seamless. We will establish transition goals, discuss ideal timing, and develop a plan for implementation of converting your
business to Mutual Drug. Below is a list of items we will use to prepare for your transition.

• labeling your RX
• entering RX data into your pharmacy system
• converting your generic items to our CAPS program for added profitability
• gathering information on specialty items
• converting front-end
– merchandising team will review your OTC layout
– setting and/or resetting merchandise
– set specialty planograms and end caps
– convert private label items to QC (Quality Choice) and Mutual private label
– add appropriate signage
• pricing program implementation for OTC items
• POS data information for OTC pricing
• training for utilizing all programs and services
• order training via:
– transmitting via X12-FTP
– handheld MSI units
• easy returns process on product ordered through Mutual
• converting third party contracts, payments and reconciliation to EPN
• regulatory requirements checklist and websites provided for compliance via PharmCap
• ensure all required compliance information is updated and displayed
• review human resource information available via mdmembers site
• ensuring all certificates, licenses and regulatory programs are set up with Mutual
• staff training

Mutual is dedicated to independent pharmacy and has worked with hundreds of pharmacy owners over the years to make their transition comfortable. We detail and personalize your transition plan to your needs in order to achieve your objectives. For more information contact Director of Sales Dan Houston at 919-598-4932 or drop us an email using the contact us page form.