“I am extremely excited about the new ordering website. It is much easier to search for items and to send an order. I also like the fact that I can see orders that I sent via my pharmacy system on the order history in just a few minutes after I send it. Lastly, I can now sign my CII order from anywhere. I signed one order standing in line at Disney World!”

–Keith Vance, Lewisville Drug

“Customer service is great; real people answer the phone, and if you leave a message, or someone has to call you back, you always get called back with your answer.”

— Lisa Smith, Hometown Pharmacy

“Mutual Drug does all the little things you expect from your wholesaler– competitive pricing, courteous and helpful customer support, on-time and dependable deliveries, and a personal salesperson to answer any questions you might have. Mutual does all of these things great, but it’s the little extra things they do that set them a part from the rest: hosting CE seminars to help us through various issues such as HIPAA, Medicare Accreditation, and Medicare competitive bidding just to name a few. Mutual is involved politically to help independent pharmacy have a voice in current legislative issues. There are so many things Mutual Drug has done to help me increase my business and stay ahead of the competition, that it was only fitting when I opened my second store in 2005, it became a Mutual store as well.”

— Ryan Hoskins, Archdale Drug