Legistlative Involvement
Mutual understands the challenges independent pharmacies face due to government involvement. As a result, Mutual actively monitors and addresses legislative activity in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia with a strong grass roots network to monitor and influence congressional legislation for pharmacy related issues. Together, we are able to quickly respond to legislative initiatives regarding independent retail pharmacy.

pcaresmallPatient Care Program Licensee Program
The Patient Care Program is designed to achieve profitability through operating as a chain of independents. This program provides marketing and advertising enhancements along with pharmacy identity packages. Several Patient Care Program benefits designed to increase store traffic are listed below.
• Health News flyer of monthly promotions
• in-store health screenings
• $4.00 prescription program and senior card program helps increase cash paying customers
• protocols to assist with the development of immunization programs
• nutritional product contracts
• compliance assistance for federal regulations
• centralized third-party network contracts, reconciliation, compliance and support
• Clinical Pharmacy Network to manage and improve patient medication adherence

Mutual Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network
The Mutual Drug CPESN (Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network) is an innovative and collaborative pharmacy service network of independent pharmacies providing enhanced services that go beyond traditional pharmacy dispensing. By utilizing these advanced services, Mutual CPESN pharmacies are committed to improving health outcomes and decreasing the total healthcare costs for patients in their care. Mutual Drug is also dedicated to finding payers and partners to increase patient referrals and sustainable reimbursement models for specific services.

OptiSource Generic Buying Group Member
Mutual’s generic source program is aligned with the OptiSource Buying Group, a purchasing organization that negotiates on behalf of over 4,500 independent pharmacies in the United States. OptiSource affords the ability for Mutual Drug independent pharmacies to purchase generics at a lower price with an increased selection of product. That includes the availability of close to 2000 injectables and access to contractual Home Health Care pricing.

EPN EPIC Pharmacy Network, Inc. (EPN)
EPN acts as a third party marketing arm, representing over 2000 independent pharmacies across the United States enabling them to navigate today’s managed care marketplace. Formed in 1992, EPN provides independent pharmacies with centralized contracting and administrative services to insurance companies, HMO’s, pharmacy benefit management companies along with other third-party payers. Legally authorized as a nonexclusive contracting agent for all its participating pharmacies, EPN agressively promotes their network as one entity to the managed care marketplace. Through its full suite of programs, EPN provides independents with services that keep them competitive in today’s chain-heavy marketplace. We help you “manage” managed care:
• centralized third-party contracting services
• electronic claims reconciliation (RxRegulator)
• accounts receivable management (RxRegulator)
• custom website reporting of payments and receivables
• helps with improving cashflow
• PBM: access to pharmacy benefit management services

EPN constantly strives to understand the changing needs of the managed care marketplace and provide its partners with the tools they need to integrate into the future of managed care. With its growing membership, EPN is keeping independent pharmacy ahead of the curve. Visit EPN’s website and put the power of a network behind you.

pharmcapPharmCAP Pharmacy Compliance Alert Program
PharmCAP is a user friendly, web-based step-by-step system that is designed to assist pharmacies with the necessary tools to be compliant with federal regulations in the Medicare Part
D arena. PharmCAP walks the participating pharmacy through various CMS, Medicare Part D and other state and federal regulatory requirements. PharmCAP will provide all of the necessary training and materials for pharmacies to be compliant with the following regulations:
• HIPAA policies, training materials, forms and other documents
• Medicare Part D compliance policies, training materials and
compliance forms
• monthly OIG and SAM lists of excluded parties checks
• tracking of licenses, various certifications, professional liability
insurance, and their expiration dates
• tracking and distribution of pharmacy credentialing items
required by PBM’s and other third party payers
• distribution of notices of future industry requirements regarding
pharmacy compliance
• electronic storage, retrieval and backup for all of the compliance
and credentialing documents
• business associate agreements provided

PharmCAP can help pharmacies ease the burden of meeting the overwhelming number of compliance requirements they are faced with today. Contact us and let PharmCAP be your compliance assistant.

In-house Advertising and Custom Marketing Services
Mutual’s in-house advertising staff will professionally create ads, articles and graphics for newspaper ads, flyers, brochures, trifold, billboards, business cards at no cost to you.   We design and customize marketing promotions for our member stores such as: BOGO, marketing to physicians, marketing to children, marketing for flu vaccines, talking to seniors, diabetic bags, and an array of other materials to promote your pharmacy.

Drop Ship Vendor Program
Some vendors whose products are not stocked by Mutual Drug participate in a drop-ship program with our stores. These vendors ship directly to stores and bill through Mutual Drug.

Auto Ship Programs

  • Prescription Items – Auto Shipped if at least 5% off invoice or 60 day terms. New items only.
  • OTC Items – Auto Shipped if new item, selected by top sales predictions.

Order Entry System
MSI Hand Held, IVR and X-12 formatted orders are transmitted directly to Mutual Drug’s computer. Shelf Labels are provided and include item description and item number. Detailer, an in-store information system used for item information and pricing, is another ordering option.

Plan-it Program
D.P. Hamacher designed a planogram program to ensure you have the right product in the right place and the right promotion for your pharmacy.  To help you manage your front-end, monthly packets include: New item alerts and lists, signage, planograms, private label product information, end cap promotions, never out lists, deletion lists and your stores profile sheet.

Pricing Program                                                                                                              
D.P.Hamacher Zone Pricing programs provide three separate pricing zones to keep you competitive in your market area, while providing an overall good profit.  “Zone 1, Zone 2 and Zone D-Super Discount” are designed to ensure your pharmacy is competitive by setting your retail pricing; prices are reviewed periodically.   Customized pricing is available.

Price Stickers
Price stickers are provided in two formats — single or dual pricing.  To help you identify slow moving items, the color of stickers is changed each year.  Stickers include item code number, purchase date, cost, AWP or retail price, product name, and average monthly movement (optional).

Average Monthly Movement
Product movement is shown on the stickers using whole or decimal numbers to help you control your inventory.

Price Change Stickers
Change stickers are printed every week for all items ordered in the past six months that have had a change in price.  You will receive two stickers per item to ensure extra profit opportunities.

Customized Plan-o-grams & Endcaps
Ask us about our specialty plan-o-grams and endcaps. Signage is available, and we can assist you with your marketing materials by producing custom ads and flyers.

Pharmacy First

This program offers our members the opportunity to participate in manufacturer rebate programs offered through Pharmacy First. Our alliance will provide a proven program and valued resource in bringing additional income to your bottom line.