Are you an independent pharmacist? Mutual Drug is a cooperative owned and managed by pharmacists just like you.

We are the wholesaler choice for independent pharmacies in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia.

Why Mutual Drug?

Why Mutual Drug?

Mutual Drug is a cooperative fully owned by its member stores with competitive pricing and all profits returned to members. All members are treated equally, and Mutual only sells to independent pharmacies. Mutual Wholesale Drug Company’s Extensive Selection Choose from

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Customer service is great; real people answer the phone, and if you leave a message, or someone has to call you back, you always get called back with your answer.

Lisa Slayton Hometown Pharmacy

Mutual Drug does all the little things you expect from your wholesaler– competitive pricing, courteous and helpful customer support, on-time and dependable deliveries, and a personal salesperson to answer any questions you might have.

Ryan Hoskins Archdale Drug